Statements von Kunden

Bernhard hat uns bei der agilen Transformation der Konzern IT maßgeblich unterstützt. Die Zusammenarbeit war auf persönlicher und fachlicher Ebene sehr gut. Wenn es nötig war, hat er unsere Sichten, Ziele oder Herangehensweise in konstruktiver Form hinterfragt und gemeinsam mit uns an Lösungen gearbeitet. Wir haben sein Verständnis für die Förderung einer agilen Organisationskultur sehr geschätzt und er konnte im Rahmen der Zusammenarbeit, Mitarbeiter und Führungskräfte, gleichermaßen coachen und weiterentwickeln.

Österreichischer Großbetrieb

„Ich möchte mich nochmal für den äußerst interessanten und gut strukturierten Workshop bedanken. Durch deine ruhige Herangehensweise war es uns erst möglich, entsprechend als Team zu agieren und die Methoden umzusetzen.“

Österreichische Firma

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I had the pleasure of working together with Bernhard for around a year. During this time he helped me immensely with my journey from a different career path within HR to being one of the main drivers in our transition to a more Agile IT Department at Swarovski. Together we guided multiple teams to their new agile team process and I've seen Bernhard being able to take different approaches and techniques to match the teams needs and thus make them feel comfortable with taking big changes in their team setup.

Bernhard is a highly skilled Agile Coach and his open and collaborative character makes working in a team easy. Due to his experience he is able to combine the traditional Project Management with Agile Ways of Working and is very empathetic with his clients.

During the time he joined us at Swarovski I got to learn a lot from Bernhard which I'm grateful for and I hope that we get to work together again in the future!

Agile Coach

Bernhard is a great guy to work with.

I want to point out the two assets that I like most about him: (1) He is a real active listener - when you talk to Bernhard he is really there. (2) He loves visualizing the things he is witnessing - which can be really mindopening (or even mindblowing) when you face challenges.

It was great to work with him and I am happy to have him as sparring partner for current projects!

Agile Coach

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Ich habe Bernhard Fink als Coach erlebt, der mit großer Wertschätzung in der Beziehungsgestaltung den Beratungs- und Begleitungsprozess sehr fokussiert, konsequent und geduldig gestaltet.

Das kommt professionell und authentisch an.

Senior Coach und Lehr-Coach
Unternehmensberater, Trainer

Bernhard hat es innerhalb sehr kurzer Zeit geschafft, in mein komplexes Thema mehr Klarheit und Transparenz zu bringen. Sein sehr feinfühliges Durchleuchten auch bei heiklen Punkten war äußerst angenehm und ich fühlte mich sehr gut aufgehoben bei ihm. Hierdurch konnte ich gute Fortschritte erreichen.

Gerne wieder!

österreichische Universität

Bernhard was the overall project manager between October 2014 and April 2015, 6 months. The project had a tough timeline and lot of challenges, especially around communication involving a lot of internal and external stakeholders. Bernhard did a very good job, taking us live in time and with good result.

Bernhard has a very structured and quite disciplined approach leading the project team to stay aligned with a solid plan.

I wish Bernhard all the luck in the future and I can recommend him as a competent project manager.

Vice President Digital TFS
Global Blue

Ich persönlich finde es sehr schade, dass Du nicht mehr im Projekt bist. Ich hätte gerne noch von Deinem umfangreichen Erfahrungsschatz profitiert. Dass Du auch persönlich eine Bereicherung für das Projekt warst, steht außer Frage.

Agile Coach
Deutsche Großbank

Bernhard hat am Digital Campus das Testteam im agilen Umfeld klasse aufgestellt. Er hat den erforderlichen Change Prozess eingeleitet, so dass wir Entwicklung, Testing und Rollout in der erforderlichen Geschwindigkeit synchronisiert haben!

Cluster Lead
Deutsche Großbank

Bernhard was the overall project manager for a large reorganization ... . The project had a lot of challenges, especially around communication involving a lot of internal stakeholders.
Bernhard did a very good job, taking us live in time and with perfect result.
Bernhard has a very structured approach enabling the project team to achieve optimal results. His cooperative and supportive approach was very much appreciated by the project team.
I have learnt a lot from Bernhard, wish him all the luck in the future and can recommend him as a competent project manager.

Abteilungsdirektor, Produktmanagement
Deutsche Förderbank

"Bernhard joined my team in order to take over a very challanging project. He realized very quickly the essentials of the project and organized the project in a very professional and effective way, covering the project organization with all stakeholders and the project scope. In the execution phase, he acted according the company standards & processes, and further to that based on his high level of professionalism he stabilized the project. He has shown an excellent way of communication and team leading.

I truly enjoyed working with him and I do believe he can manage every kind of project which might come across."

Head of Project Management Stream South East
NokiaSiemensNetworks GmbH

"Bernhard is a very cooperative, experienced, focused and results-oriented colleague."

Senior Manager

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"I'd been involved in the project in the last month and I had been immediately impressed by Bernhards dedication, competence and passion.

He had always been on top of the project regardless of the complexity and difficulties; in heated discussions he had always been able to bring back the focus towards the project goals. Moreover I witnessed how much he had been able to create a sense of trust and partnership with the Customer. It had been a real pleasure to work with Bernhard."

Core Network Head of Sales
NokiaSiemensNetworks GmbH

"As for reference summary of your work I noticed the following:

  1. your contribution to the progress of the project was absolutely mission critical. In particular recognizing that this project was about brand-new highly customized solution design with leading edge technology at the center of the architecture I can only congratulate you on a job very well done
  2. your abilities to act as a General Project Manager, following-through with teams from different background and spread out across continents gives highest credit to your experience and project management execution skills
  3. I found your focus and preoessionalism in dealing with serious threats to the project quite remarkable and exceptional

Having said that I certainly am looking forward to any future collaboration in a similar engagement!"

Head of COO SCA VoIP, Product Management SDE
NokiaSiemensNetworks GmbH

"Well done of program follow up and monitoring, good perception of possible program risks, proactive thinking. Perspicacious Program Manager with good sense of humor, he balanced in nearly perfect way the number of program telcos (with us) taking into consideration the time, workload / occupation of other people working in the project.

No meeting for the meeting, but focused and targeted, when they were really needed. His reporting included always the needed info for a good project overview.

FYI: I have been working with lots of Program Managers for local teams so far and Bernhard is on of the better I have ever met."

Program Manager, Customized Programs, Greece
NokiaSiemensNetworks GmbH

"Bernhard managed this challenging project extremely well. He confronted us with demanding but always realistic goals. The project status was always fully transparent to all involved parties."

Product Line Management of hiE 9200
NokiaSiemensNetworks GmbH

"Bernhard made a significant contribution to the achievement of business results of the whole project.

Bernhard showed himself as a reliable team player and responsible manager always aimed at high goals achievement. He was an extremely valuable member of the project managing team – full of fresh ideas, pro-activity and a great communicator. Bernhard played a pivotal role in shaping new ways of managing of one of the most complex projects. 

I would like to mention his exceptional knowledge, professionalism, focus, ability to engage and the results under his leadership. I would also like to mention his down to earth attitude and most importantly the support he has given me and many others within the project. Bernhard has superb problem-solving skills as well as exceptional team-building skills. He will be missed for his positive and bright personality. It was a pleasure to work with Bernhard."

Kapsch Telematic Service BY

"He took over immediately and established an excellent working relationship with all the stakeholders. Bernhard is a project manager you would appreciate to have in your team when you have to deliver a complex solution with a lot of different stakeholders. He engaged wherever he identified a gap in responsibility in the project. Bernhard is driven by the will to find a solution which is the best for the project."

Head of Project Management
Kapsch TrafficCom AG

"Bernhard managed this challenging BY project extremely well. He confronted our organization with very demanding, but realistic goals. He understand the processes of SW development and could balance between all involved parties. He established a very structured approach to handle the R&D entity in Argentina, which was one of the key success factors to the project.

Bernhard is a very goal oriented Senior Project Manager with high sense of fairness and reliability. He acts well-structured and shows great communication skills."

Vice President R&D
Kapsch TrafficCom AG

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Very committed professional, with the ability to align different teams with different cultures towards one objective.

  • Analytical thinker to obtain best solutions out of many possible options
  • Pragmatic mind-set
  • Achievement oriented leader
  • Superb facilitation abilities


Kapsch TrafficCom Argentina S.A.

"Working together with Bernhard was a great experience. Even in the toughest situations he was open for my issues and gave directions when required. He took the driving role for the important topics and gave free space as needed. I will always remember his professional, cooperative and appreciating working style and personality."

Head of R&D PMO
Kapsch TrafficCom AG


"I've been Bernhard’s department manager for two years. It’s been a pleasure having him on my team as a professional, senior IT project manager of the highest caliber. I've received several compliments from customers who rely on his skills. Among other strengths, I would emphasize the manner of his communication that helped to overcome many critical situations. He has led a large international team of developers, system engineers and technical project managers to success."

Head of Project Management Delivery
Kapsch TrafficCom AG